Steemit Hackathon in Norway with Ned Scott – Part 2: Hackathon Projects

We have given out $300 in travelgrants to participants of the Norwegian Steemit Hackathon and are still looking for more grant applications!

The hackathon is free for all to attend, and will feature presentations and workshops that revolve around steemit and cryptofinance. The workshops will give attendees the opportunity to pitch their project or seed idea for community feedback and collaboration.

In this post we outline a few of the projects that participants have contributed:

Hackathon Projects


Xeroc will join us with his Piston Project, “A Swiss Army Knife for the Steem network – A Tool for Simplified Blockchain Querying.” Xeroc adds that “We could do some piston hacking or python-steem hacking and add new features. Besides that we could write a gtk/qt gui for piston or improve the web gui.”

Xeroc is also head of chainsquad doing Streemian:


Ekitcho is creating a Facebook/Google Login for Steem to authenticate users, called Steemconnect.

STEEMCONNECT: The App Store of Steem and Open-source authentification & identity base Layer for every Decentralized Apps built on Steem Blockchain. Steemconnect aim to solve trust/security issues when managing Users Keys and login by Developers. Used like a identity/login base layer (like Auth0) Developers will be able to focus on their App. You can imagine it as a App Store coupled to an Auth0 of Steem Blockchain.

Ekitcho is also working on Busy, a Decentralized social media network Platform on Steem, Facebook-like UI (compared to Steemit which is more Reddit/Medium-like), including a Messenger Chat like Slack, User profile customizations, Full Web content Embedding, Internationalization (5 languages), bootstraping several BUSY Apps for a free market.


SVK has been working on the Bitshares and Steem GUI. He’s also working on an open-source Javascript library for constructing and signing transactions.


This project headed @andread, is a collaboration by Fintechneo and BitSpace, to create a steemchart and eventually a cryptocharting-tool with with advanced trading analysis features comparable to tradingview.


Furion will join us with SteemQ – A decentralized Video Platform on STEEM!

SteemQ aims to fill that need by creating a next-generation platform on top of the new Blockchain and P2P technologies. We are bootstrapping a better version of YouTube, with a new social model that creates a richer experience for content creators, curators, and consumers. Furion is also working on bots voting on rising authors, and a 24/7 market maker (@fnait).


Enin start hacking on a trading-bot for steem and other cryptocurrencies that takes input from news in the cryptocommunity. They do this with their experience with trading bots, natural language processing, artificial Intelligence, and financial analysis.


Faddat will join us with his project to create a Steem-based Decentralized Hosting Provider:

“Docker containers are used to launch web applications so, we’d be creating a giant, decentralized hosting provider that can compete on cost and quality simultaneously– AND– take the developing world before GOOG/FB/AMZN/MSFT get there with any significant presence. if it runs on Linux, you can run it on Docker.”

Applications then include: WordPress, Ghost, Etherpad, Hugo Sites, Caddy HTTP servers, Golang API servers, Java Web Services, Game Servers, IoT back ends, etc.


THJ is working on a steem GUI that is aimed to resemble a news-website instead of a reddit / blog platform. This is an experimental project to see if steem is well suited as a source of news. This is part of BitSpace’s larger aim to revolutionize news media with blockchain technology.


eSteem is an alternative steemit interface. The plan is to give Steem users alternative usage and with different UX. With features like:

“Notifications (follows, votes, comments, coming soon mentions, resteem), in app image upload for posts, comments, profile pictures, QR code for Steem payments, Gallery view of post images, many more features that is already available and many more to come.”


Blockpay will join the hackathon with their nordic ambassadors. Blockpay is developing a Point of Sale system that allows merchants to accept digital currencies at zero cost.

BlockPay is an easy, fast & free platform that supports all of the new digital currencies (like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and Smartcoins) plus Loyalty Points and eReceipts. BlockPay runs Standalone (as a free App) or Integrated with existing systems (e.g. Odoo), and is available worldwide in 44 languages.


BitGate is the flagship project of BitSpace. We are creating a gateway to the cryptoeconomy that allows you to exchange fiat to cryptocurrencies. We base our solution in the BitShares Decentralized Exchange and start out with the ability to exchange Norwegian Kroner to BTC and STEEM.


Head of design for BitShares and Steemit Cass will come help us all with design! <3

Cass is master-designer of almost all projects in this space, including STEEMfest, Steempay, Steemcleaners, Chainsquad, Busy project, Steem Developer Collective, Steem Foundation (Open Steem), Teamsmooth CI, Creative Studio. 😀

Cass was also the one kickstarting the that has become a huge success, and is currently working on the Steem Education Program.

Pitch Your Idea

We will also have a pitching competition for the Steem projects in attendence where the top projects get to pitch their idea in front of a live audience (suits and investors).

  • 1st place will get 2400 steem power as well as $100 in SBD and free Steem Fest tickets!
  • 2nd place will get 1200 steem power and pitching opportunity.
  • 3rd place will get 600 steem power and pitching opportunity.
  • 4th place will get 300 steem power.

Everyone is Welcome!

If you want to participate, don’t hesitate to contact us here at steem, in the slack or by email at

The event is open to everyone who wants to join, and we believe everyone has something to contribute to this event, so don’t be shy to ask or even apply for a grant 😀

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